The State’s Attack on Lone Parents and the Unemployed

The Flame By Unite Youth Dublin

All the major discussions about welfare cuts and mandatory labour schemes seem to have ignored the plight of one already very hard done-by group: the lone parent.

As of July 3rd this year; 9,300 people no longer qualified for the One-Parent Family Payment (OPFP) scheme and another 60,000 will have their access removed by July 2015. Previously, the OPFP was received until the child reached the age of 18 but the cut-off has now been reduced to age 7. Supposedly this change in eligibility was implemented by Joan Burton to cut down on “extraneous” social welfare costs but what it really represents is an attack on the rights of lone-parents, who are primarily women, and their children.

These parents are being told that OPFP payments, something that was devised to try to ensure that children are not raised in dire poverty, is no longer a priority. This indirectly shows…

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