Under 26 Years Old

Dublin on JobBridge

This is my biggest issue. I am under 26 years old.

I am 23 years old. I am entitled to €100 a week, plus €50 allowance for the internship.

If I was 26 years old on an internship, I would get €186 plus €50, giving me a total of €236, €86 more than if I was just three years younger.

That, put in monthly terms, is the difference between €600 and €955. That’s about a third less just for being a few years younger.

I can put it another way. I receive €36 less, working 37 hours a week, than I would if I was 26 years old and sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle. Just let that piece of information sink in for a minute.

If I was 25 years old, I would get €144 a week, and with an internship this would be €776 a month. It’s even…

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