The Call Intellicom Reply

You might also be interested in this response from Call Intellicom. Also kindly provided with the original story.

Dear ***********

Call Intellicom, is a contact centre based in Clonmel, it was established in 2006 and currently provides employment to 200 staff locally.

Call Intellicom has a variety of clients & projects. During the normal course of its business Call Intellicom recruits employees from the marketplace and pays those employees during the induction training period. The company also participates in a number of government supported initiatives such as the Momentum Programme, Job Seeker Supported Programmes, Jobs Bridge and Solas training programmes.

All externally funded training programmes lead to an industry recognised certificate. Programmes are planned to provide the participants with the Knowledge, Skills and Competency to work in the contact centre industry. Intellicom only participates in externally funded programmes at times when there is a genuine recruitment requirement thus ensuring that there are real job opportunities for participants at the end of the training programme.

Call Intellicom has recruited excellent candidates via these programmes, many of whom have progressed their careers within our business.

Should you require to discuss this or any other matter please contact

Call Intellicom
Providing Customer Services, Telephony & Back Office Support to a variety of industry sectors in the Irish and UK.

As was noted by our source – The irony is that in paragraph 3 they state that they only use this type of training when they know that there is a job available at the end of it. That means that both they and UPC are aware that these roles need to be filled and are using incentives to save themselves some money in the short term. How this is a program as they call it above? What qualifications do you receive? Are they accredited?

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