LIVE REGISTER FIGURES DEC 2014 , 14602 on Tus & Jobbridge


Latest live register figures show the standardised unemployment rate (SUR) in December 2014 was 10.6%, down from 10.7% in November 2014.  The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate from the most recent Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS) was 11.1% in the third quarter of 2014. The annual average SUR for 2014 was 11.3% down from 13.1% in 2013.

On a seasonally adjusted basis the Live Register total recorded a monthly decrease of 3,300 (-0.9%) in December 2014, reducing the seasonally adjusted total to 363,900.

Activation Programmes

Data up to the end of  November 2014 on the number of people availing of a range of programmes targeted primarily at the long-term unemployed (over 12 months) and other welfare recipients (including Lone Parents) is provided in the Annex – Live Register Activation Programmes table.

There were 86,160 people availing of these programmes in November 2014, which is an increase of 422 (+0.5%) from…

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