New Year – New Fantasy Live Register Figures

Adam Ó Braonáin

As we head forth into a General Election whether it be in 2015 (as I predict) or early 2016, we can expect Government spin to be ever increasing over the course of the year.

As, I feel, is the case with the latest round of live register figures, which Labour TD Derek Nolan, on the Labour parties website, hailed as a sign that –

‘……economic recovery is very much in progress. The momentum and direction of these crucial figures show that new jobs are being created and activity in businesses across the country is increasing….’

What Mr. Nolan, and indeed a growing number of Oireachtas members whom seek to utilise these figures to lever favour with the electorate, fail to identify; are other contributing factors to a reduction in the live register.  Factors which do not go unnoticed by Sinn Féins Eoin Ó Broin, who on Friday stated

‘As always…

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