Upset and Disillusioned

I just want to contact you to make you aware of the situation I find myself in and probably is being replicated countrywide.

I was taken on by a company that sells pool tables in County Leitrim in late November doing some office and admin work. I was providing back up to the full time office worker, and was well occupied as there was a deluge of sales, inquiries, delivery arrangements in the run up to Christmas.

I went back to work after my Christmas holidays yesterday, January 12th, where I was was informed that I was more or less surplus to requirements with the Christmas rush over, and that there was no longer enough work for a second office person, but that they would contact me if business picked up. Today I received an e-mail with the week’s termination notice mandated by Job bridge, so I’m out of a job.

This business was blatantly using to scheme to get an extra pair of hands for their busiest season without having to pay a worker themselves. They had no intention of mentoring me, equipping me with skills or delivering on anything else that the Jobbridge scheme supposedly promises. I am very upset and disillusioned today.

All the best with the campaign. You can share this with your supporters and followers if you wish but I would prefer if you did not share my name, if you don’t mind.


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