Big Mistake

I am a Polish IT professional living in Ireland for the past 8 years. I was offered a job in Ireland when I was living in Poland in 2006. I was working for a very large company for over 5 years until they went under the hammer (You know them well, it was the biggest game/video rental company in Ireland). I was unemployed for over 6 months and I could not find relevant job in Kerry, where I was living together with my family.
One day I’ve found a JobBridge offer advertised on the FAS website. I applied and after two or three interviews I was offered the JobBridge. I was working for the new company for 9 months and three weeks! The company itself and office was great, the lads were friendly – just the €188 & €50 JobBridge payment was pain in the butt!

So, after 9 months I was so excited believing I would get permanent job – but I didn’t! What happened you ask? Well, nothing… I was offered a “probation-period” six month fixed term contract, after my nine months JobBridge, for only minimum wage (I have an IT Diploma and Microsoft Certification on hand). During my six months the company opened 3 more new positions for the JobBridge programme.

This was 10 months ago. None of these three people are working at this company anymore – same story as mine.

This whole JobBridge idea is a BIG MISTAKE! We should do something about it! I feel that ‘Big Brother’ used me to my very last breath and then kicked me out saying “you will sign the contract or you need to find another job”


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