Unpaid Internships and the JobBridge scheme – A recent graduate’s perspective


As a recent graduate like many others in my position I have been searching for employment in my field for the last couple of months. In September 2014 I graduated from NUI Maynooth with a 2.1 degree in Digital Media, a degree which I thought would be extremely relevant in Ireland’s self-proclaimed tech economy.

However for every successful interview I have completed for entry level employment I have been greeted by the far too familiar “Your interview was fantastic but we decided to take on someone with a bit more experience” or “We can only afford to offer you the position as a JobBridge internship or unpaid internship”. While this may be an semi-acceptable option for someone living in Dublin it is simply implausible for someone living in rural Ireland like myself. The cost of relocating to Dublin (where lets face it 90% of these entry level positions are based)…

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