#WorkMustPay Picket Outside Expert Hardware (06/02/15)

#WorkMustPay activists took to another picket on Friday 6th of February outside Deckwells Expert Hardware to protest at their advertising of a Retail Sales and Administration Assistant. The business was given written notice, asking for them to take down the advertisement, failing to do so would result in their business being picketed. Expert Hardware did not respond to #WorkMustPay.

Expert Hardware

Activists within the campaign maintain that pickets on the business will continue until such a time that Expert Hardware agrees to remove any current JobBridge adverts and advertise no future positions and also to commit to providing every future employee with at least a minimum wage for their work.

WorkMustPay Picket Expert Hardware

#WorkMustPay will continue to picket other businesses that exploit workers, because we are here to protect workers and their rights, not businesses. If a person takes a Jobbridge position, 18-21-years-old hourly rate will be €3.75. If you’re 22-24-years-old, your hourly rate will be €4.85 and if you’re 25 or over, your hourly rate will be €5.95. The current minimum wage is set at €8.65 however the living wage is €11.45 an hour, the income below which it is impossible to make ends meet in modern Ireland.

Minimum Wage Table

Free labour schemes of this this sort, based on these figures, barely reach half the living wage for those who are 25 or over and the situation is even worse for those under 25.

#WorkMustPay demand and end to Jobbridge, an end to free labour schemes and an end to the exploitation of workers, young and old. We call on activists to join in our campaign and demand that work pays a living wage! Please contact us at workmustpayireland@gmail.com if you would like to be notified of future pickets. You can also find us on facebook and twitter.


2 thoughts on “#WorkMustPay Picket Outside Expert Hardware (06/02/15)

  1. conorm@riseup.net 02/06/2015 / 10:27 PM

    Yo! I decided to join the mailing list to find out exactly about the pickets. I think I could attend some or at least help to mobilise people to show solidarity but I always seem to find out about them after! If there’s a clearer was of letting people know when a picket is happening that would be helpful for those who would actively show support at a picket!

    In solidarity, Conor


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