Campaign Update: Another Success for #WorkMustPay

#WorkMustPay activists secured another victory yesterday when Decwell’s Expert Hardware on Georges Street provided us with written assurance that they would take down their current JobBridge advert and advertise no further positions in the future.

It took one, one hour long picket for us to achieve this victory, proving the effectiveness of our tactics in eliminating JobBridge positions. We will however continue to monitor future city centre postings to ensure this is not a temporary victory.
WorkMustPay Picket Expert Hardware

First off we would like to thank Deckwells Expert Hardware for removing the Jobbridge advert and our campaign commends them business for taking this action. They may not agree with our tactics, but we would see it that by not engaging in the Jobbridge scheme, this business will have provided a worker with a living wage, which is a hugely positive thing. As they have agreed to remove the Jobbridge ad, we will have no need to place further pickets outside their premises and we would like to highlight this business as a business that no longer uses Jobbridge!

Our campaign fundamentally disagrees with the use of free labour schemes such as Jobbridge on the basis that it enables businesses to exploit workers for 9 months, not having to pay them anything near the minimum wage. In fact, for those under 21, the wage they receive is a mere €3.75 an hour, which will not even cover the basic costs of living – rent, heating, transport, food.
Jobbridge is a government policy and our overall aim is the removal of this and any other free labour scheme. We will tackle business big or small that use jobbridge, as we feel making business owners aware of the exploitative nature of the system will lead to a growing resentment of the scheme.

#WorkMustPay demand and end to Jobbridge, an end to free labour schemes and an end to the exploitation of workers, young and old. We call on activists to join in our campaign and demand that work pays a living wage! Please contact us if you would like to be notified of future pickets. You can also find us on facebook and twitter.

2 thoughts on “Campaign Update: Another Success for #WorkMustPay

  1. jane ryan 03/09/2015 / 1:57 PM

    Keep up the good work lads and lassies ,this exploitation of our people by this fg/lb gov has got to the point where its just impossible to get a job that pays ,,also when are the people going to wake up to the corrupt activites of the gardai in carrickmacross station and the surrounding areas ,a recent case not reported sees gardai doctoring a suspects in a minor crime video tape recording of their interview while in custody ,they edited out incriminating evidence that gardai admitted on tape that the accused relied on to clear their name ,the recording goes blank for almost two minutes just at the time the garda conducting the interview makes a statement that would side with the acussed innocence ,, other cases not highlighted are ones were search warrants are given with the wrong address only to reappear in the court with a whole new address on its face ,its obvious that these warrants are changed by peace commissioners with the help of gardqi from the top down ,,
    Any way good luck with the anti slave labour movement ad thats exactly what it is “slave labour”


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