16,471 Organisations Have Used JobBridge Interns Since 2011

11,394 Organisation to picket.

The Flame By Unite Youth Dublin

We now know the names of 11,394 of them. But we’re not going to tell you who they are, yet…

As readers of The Flame will well be aware; we’ve never been fans of so-called ‘labour activation schemes’ such as JobBridge due to their blatant exploitation of the unemployed. We have actively campaigned for their abolition in the #WorkMustPay campaign and through this we’ve become acutely aware that the use of JobBridge interns is not restricted to a small number of regular offenders. Instead it is an endemic problem that spreads across all areas of the economy, public services and the community sector.

Work Must Pay Banner

Our Freedom of Information Research

At the end of last year, Unite Youth Dublin activists decided to investigate the scale of this exploitation by putting a Freedom of Information (FOI) request into the Department of Social Protection about the number of organisations that have used JobBridge interns…

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