Couldn’t Have Been Worse

I applied for an internship for an IT Administrator role. Had the interview (it was in a vet) and all was great. Was more of an office manager role, but heavily focused on IT – figure out how to use their IT system because they never got their head around it, set up social media for them etc.

I went to the welfare office and they told me they didn’t have a clue about it and to go to Fas. I went to the Fas office who told me I need a form from the Welfare office saying I was eligible. Went back to Welfare office, got the form, went to Fas, they said it needed to be stamped. Back to Welfare office, got it stamped, back to Fas, they stamped it, copied it and sent me back to Welfare with it.

Welfare looked at it, gave me a copy and said from the following week my dole would go into my bank account with the extra 50 quid. Dole day rolled around, no money. Went to post office and collected it. Went to Welfare who said it could take a week or two to process the change to bank payments. So I collected in the post office for 3 weeks (never getting the extra 50 quid, was told this would be paid back), all the while working in the vets cleaning, inputting customer information, writing sales in a book, taking phone calls etc – I was a receptionist. Nothing IT related, as everything was done with pen & paper. I suggested IT improvements (putting the credit card machine on the second line so it doesn’t die when we get a phone call) but they were ignored and I was told to stack shelves, sweep up dog hair etc.

Eventually got through to someone in the Welfare who agreed to look into the issue with my payments. She then told me I didn’t qualify for the internship scheme because I was between jobseekers benefit and jobseeker’s allowance. Was told I wouldn’t get paid the 150 euro for the 3 weeks I was there. Was told if I keep going, then it’s unpaid work which will be taken into account in my means test etc etc.

Even though I had copies of the form stamped & signed by everyone, they had no record of it and it doesn’t mean anything.

TL;DR: Got approved for internship as IT administrator, worked as receptionist / cleaner, after 3 weeks of not getting paid I was told I didn’t qualify for the scheme and if I carried on it would affect my dole payments.


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