Bye Bye Jobbridge exploitation – #WorkMustPay at it again!!

#WorkMustPay activists had a picket planned the past week outside Pacinos restaurant on Suffolk Street, Dublin 2. Having contacted the restaurant requesting them to remove their Jobbridge ad, we got a response indicating that they would agree to take it down. We then followed up with an email looking for written clarification and indeed a representative from Pacinos replied to WMP indicating that the ad was taken down. #WorkMustPay can confirm that it has been removed from the Jobbridge website.

pacinos-bar-restaurant-dublinThe activity and momentum of the campaign is steadily growing, with a number of people contacting our email looking to set up a WMP campaign in their local area. We encourage all those who oppose Jobbridge to get out on the pickets and demand that businesses do not exploit workers, paying under 25’s a measly €3.75 an hour, as every worker deserves a living wage. In fact it may even cost a person more to take up an internship under Jobbridge. You find a few pointers on getting started here or in the “How To Help” section on the menu bar.

The #WorkMustPay campaign is holding an informal demonstration outside the Department of Jobs on March 13th at 5pm. Find the event page here – and we are looking for people and groups to come out and support our campaign for the elimination of Jobbridge and any other free-labour schemes. Your voice will count and businesses will listen, as our campaign has on numerous occasions demonstrated. So as always if you are interested please email


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