One Very Angry Unemployed Dude

I have a honors degree in Communications in Creative Multimedia and a MA in Digital Media and for the last 12 months have applied for over 200 jobs in these sectors to no avail. I have years of retail managerial experience and through this experience would be a strong candidate for most retail positions and coupled with my qualifications I should walk into most positions.

I have been working in a factory doing “menial” copying and pasting tasks under the banner of a graphic designer, and last week I was offered a job which revolved around website design, graphic design and marketing – my exact foray.

After a one hour phone conversation I was verbally offered the job pending a face to face “chat” and soon finished my “graphic design” job finishing up on my menial job. I went to meet my would-be new boss two days after finishing my old job I was advised the position was no longer available as she had chosen to hire someone on JobBridge. She stated (her words – no proof) that FAS contacted her and offered someone who would work under the JobBridge scheme, which saved her 9 months wages AND offered her a €7,000 grant for taking someone off the dole.

Whilst I do not blame her for taking this offer, I am now without a job, unable to sign on as I have willfully finished my last position and am now totally screwed as all jobs I am qualified are too hiring under the JobBridge scheme…

I understand the basis of this program and see the benefits of it to get long term unemployed people back into the workplace environment – but when I see positions like Stem Cell Researchers, Lecturers, Teachers and 99% of all computing and media jobs being advertised as JobBridge I see a HUGE fault with it!

One very angry unemployed dude.


3 thoughts on “One Very Angry Unemployed Dude

  1. Joe Bloggs 03/09/2015 / 11:43 PM

    FÁS was closed down 3 years ago, so get your facts right. Your supposed new employer took on a jobplus placement, it was not a jobbridge placement, you can complain about this to DSP who now run both programmes and have strict displacement ( chucking existing workers out ) rules.


  2. Inthe Know 03/10/2015 / 5:57 PM

    You mention you have “no proof”. Have you any emails from her in relation to the job vacancy you applied for? (doesnty have to be a job offer – just something showing there was a job vacancy).
    If so, that is enough to prove she has broken the rules. That would could can have her jobbridge intern withdrawn, and would also be barred from hiring any more interns in the future. Contact a sympathetic TD, or even an Employment Service Manager at your a local dole office.
    (Believe it or not, they don’t like seeing the system ripped off either. Staff there have kids, nieces and nephews etc all looking for real jobs, too).

    It’s right to complain, but make sure you are complaining to the right people, otherwise crappy employers will always exploit this scheme.


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