It’s just a Scam-Bridge!

I am currently on a Scambridge office job! I work 40 hours a week. I get 188 euro a week plus 50 euro extra.

I also get my same rent allowance and I get a fuel allowance of 20 euro a week same as when I was on the dole. But officially I’m now classed as being employed and no longer on the live register or the Dole. Like the other 1000’s of people on these Scambridge jobs. This is what the government is doing to people putting us on schemes and courses and then juggling the unemployment figures and saying unemployment is now down to 12%.

If you take into account everyone on ScamBridge, CE Schemes, FAS courses and training courses, all getting payments from the state I would think our unemployment figures are closer to 20% plus!

Can I just add that I think this country and our Government is CORRUPT to think that we are stupid enough to swallow their lies anymore! The arrogance of the Irish Government is surreal!

James Ryan


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