#WorkMustPay Picket – Tour America

Tour America was the latest target selected for a picket by the #WorkMustPay team. Last Friday (the 10th of July) at about half four, we gathered outside the Tour America office on Abbey Street. We had previously sent an email stating that the company would become a target for a picket if they didn’t remove their advertisement.

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The team stayed on the ground for about an hour during which time there was a very positive response to leafleting and a huge showing of support from passer bys, if not from the staff of the business itself, of who came out to take photos of us and ask us to move on. The Gardai were called at one point but besides them appearing briefly to disappear inside Tour America, we had no interaction with them.  You can see the follow up of this on our Facebook page.

“Tour America has the option to bring people in on a wage from day one and they choose not to – the promise of future employment is not reason enough to deny a person the basic respect of minimum wage. There are other government schemes in place that they could have chosen over Jobbridge that would have allowed for … [an] intern to earn a basic wage, not just their social welfare payment. It’s very telling that they went for the Free Labour option.”

Instead of lobbying politicians and hoping for a change in policy, we challenge employers who profits from the use of free JobBridge labour. Peaceful pickets, chants and leaflets are used to encourage employers to take down any current JobBridge adverts, take on no further interns and commit to the basic respect of a day’s work = a day’s pay for future employees.

#WorkMustPay demands and end to JobBridge, an end to free labour schemes and an end to the exploitation of workers, young and old. We call on activists to join in our campaign and demand that work pays a living wage! Please contact us at workmustpayireland@gmail.com if you would like to be notified of future pickets. You can also find us on facebook and twitter.


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