Subject line: Data Protection Breach

copy-hdr-privacylawadvisor1We received an email yesterday informing us that the Jobbridge Policy Unit sent out an email requesting feedback from Jobbridge participants on the 25th of August. Every participant in a Jobbridge scheme will eventually be sent this email so there is nothing unusual in that. It is extremely distasteful however to request a person forced to struggle through a 40 hour week on social welfare plus €50 to defend or advertise this exploitation. Find this letter here and an image below.letter 1

It took them sometime but eventually they realised they had just leaked the email addresses of hundreds of Jobbridge participants by using the CC rather than BCC option. These email addresses were not revealed to us but it is worth pointing out WorkMustPay even after an FOI request cannot get a complete list of businesses using Jobbridge with the reason given “Privacy concerns”. The serious infringement on an individual’s right to privacy however “Soz, delete please.” seems to suffice.Data Protection Breach


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