I Just Don’t Want This Happening to Anybody Else.

Not directly Jobbridge related although the employer has advertised on Jobbridge previously. A personal account of exploitation. Name withheld by request.

I worked at the City Florist and café in 2015 along with two other girls, I was constantly left to run the café and florist. I had to constantly clean as it was always dirty. I was told to use old food that clearly was not fresh. After a visit from Food and Hygiene, The owner went on holiday for a week. I was left to look after the café and florist alone.

I was told to call people from cvs to come in and help me when I need it… I had two girls come in for more than two days each… one girl was there everyday. I should have been paid Friday but due to not enough money being in the takings to cover my wages I was told I would have to wait(along with the other girls). The owner returned and said he would pay me in a few days, he then called on the Wednesday and told me the taking were wrong ( They were not as I checked them 3 times and added it all up every night)

He called a few times for me to send him cash abroad as he didn’t have any. He told me I would not be be paid and I was sacked. He also did not pay the other two girls who came in the week he was away. There was also a girl who worked two weeks before he left on holiday that he also refused to pay. She has just left school and said she didn’t have the correct paper work (yet he was happy for her to work).

The other girl was foreign and said he would not pay her and if she wanted paying he would report her for not having all of her documents to work (Again he knew this when she started). He did not pay tax yet took PRSI and PAYE  out of my wages. The tax office can not do anything until he hands in his tax forms in January as he will not give me a p45.

I worked 7 days 9-8 and he will not pay me. He told me my pay was in the post over two months ago. He will not answer emails or phone calls. DO NOT WORK CITY FLORIST AND CAFE, WESTMORELAND STREET, DUBLIN 2.


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