#WorkMustPay Mayday

In the shadow of Connolly’s statue opposite Liberty Hall, Work Must Pay activist Seán Ó Deoráin delivered a speech to the assembled trade union, political and community activists on the centenary May Day since the Easter Revolution.

We call on all those young people with progressive politics, who don’t want to see our generation faced with the choice of the boat or a State-backed free labour scheme, to join our ranks and promote unity among working-class young people.

This campaign has been successful because it involves visible, vocal political struggle, what should be the template for all left-wing activity across Ireland. Let’s put aside our differences and unite to defeat this ruling class offensive, paving the way for future gains. Join a trade union and this campaign today.

“Sí cúis na hÉireann cúis an tsaothair, ‘sí cúis an tsaothair cúis na hÉireann” – An Conghaileach



With thanks to Connolly Media Group for the video.


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