Demonstration at Seetec

Members of Work Must Pay today protested outside Seetec on Aungier Street. Seetec is the private company running the JobBridge replacement scheme; Jobpath. More than any other company we’ve ever protested before, Seetec directly profits from the exploitation of unemployed young people.

As always, we would appreciate if you could attend our protests, they are extremely effective at getting our way and it is only through your help that we can force businesses to comply and shut down this free labour scheme!

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Work Must Pay 5 Aside is a Great Success

Work Must Pay hosted a 5-a-side fundraiser on Saturday, 1st October. IMPACT, the Connolly Youth Movement, Sinn Féin Republican Youth, Misneach and the Workers’ Party all submitted teams to the event.

The event was held in Irishtown’s Sport and Fitness Centre, and was followed by a social back in John Clarke and Sons in Ringsend. Participants watched a mesmerising All-Ireland Final replay, with Dublin finally securing back-to-back titles for the first time since Heffo’s Army in 1977.

Congratulations to our comrades from Sinn Féin Republican Youth who ran out winners of the 5-a-side tournament!

Lastly, a special thanks must be paid by the Work Must Pay campaign to Shane Lambert of IMPACT, without whom this event would not have been possible.

You can be sure this tournament will be back next year!!!

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The struggle continues…

The Work Must Pay campaign notes the recent remarks of Minister of State for Training and Skills, John Halligan TD and Minister of Social Protection, Leo Varadkar, where both outline their commitments to ending JobBridge, the National Internship Scheme, launched by Joan Burton TD as Minister of Social Protection in the previous Government.

The Work Must Pay campaign, a group of young political activists and trade unionists which was launched in late 2014, welcomes the remarks. We have little doubt, however, that huge forces will oppose their sentiments, including IBEC, ISME and the State itself.

The purpose of JobBridge has been flagged consistently by others and the Work Must Pay campaign in particular: to exploit valuable, talented young people by making them work for a third of the minimum wage, that is, for those under 23 years of age, €100 a week in Jobseekers’ Allowance plus a €50 top-up from the Department of Social Protection for 40 hours’ work. The employer does not hand over a cent. It is a form of modern indentured labour, pure and simple. Continue reading

Three for Three – Another Protest, Another Victory!

Work Must Pay activists descended on Havana Therapy’s premises on Mount Street Lower near George’s Dock today.

It wasn’t long before staff at the premises rang management after we began chanting slogans, and the powers-to-be caved in eventually, removing JobBridge ads for both their Dundrum and Mount Street Lower premises.

We will be seeking a commitment from management not to use JobBridge again and will monitor the situation in the coming weeks.

Three businesses out of three have caved since we have relaunched the campaign. As always, we would appreciate if you could attend our protests, they are extremely effective at getting our way and it is only though your help that we can force businesses to comply and shut down this free labour scheme!



#WorkMustPay Mayday

In the shadow of Connolly’s statue opposite Liberty Hall, Work Must Pay activist Seán Ó Deoráin delivered a speech to the assembled trade union, political and community activists on the centenary May Day since the Easter Revolution.

We call on all those young people with progressive politics, who don’t want to see our generation faced with the choice of the boat or a State-backed free labour scheme, to join our ranks and promote unity among working-class young people.

This campaign has been successful because it involves visible, vocal political struggle, what should be the template for all left-wing activity across Ireland. Let’s put aside our differences and unite to defeat this ruling class offensive, paving the way for future gains. Join a trade union and this campaign today.

“Sí cúis na hÉireann cúis an tsaothair, ‘sí cúis an tsaothair cúis na hÉireann” – An Conghaileach



With thanks to Connolly Media Group for the video.