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The Work Must Pay campaign notes the recent remarks of Minister of State for Training and Skills, John Halligan TD and Minister of Social Protection, Leo Varadkar, where both outline their commitments to ending JobBridge, the National Internship Scheme, launched by Joan Burton TD as Minister of Social Protection in the previous Government.

The Work Must Pay campaign, a group of young political activists and trade unionists which was launched in late 2014, welcomes the remarks. We have little doubt, however, that huge forces will oppose their sentiments, including IBEC, ISME and the State itself.

The purpose of JobBridge has been flagged consistently by others and the Work Must Pay campaign in particular: to exploit valuable, talented young people by making them work for a third of the minimum wage, that is, for those under 23 years of age, €100 a week in Jobseekers’ Allowance plus a €50 top-up from the Department of Social Protection for 40 hours’ work. The employer does not hand over a cent. It is a form of modern indentured labour, pure and simple. Continue reading


ABOLISH JOBBRIDGE – EVERY WORKER DESERVES A WAGE…/work-must-pay-abolish-jobbridge-ever…

Sign our petition asking for the Department of Social Protection in the South to abolish the JobBridge unpaid internship scheme, and to do away with internship culture, including the recently launched JobPath.

Over 16,000 businesses and organisations have used JobBridge interns since the scheme began 5 years ago. These include: the HSE (399 interns), the GAA (249 interns), Teagasc (184 interns), UCD (also 184), Hewlett-Packard (176) and a number of county councils.

All this points towards an endemic level of exploitation which has permeated every sector of employment and even includes unionised workplaces.

All employers and the State must commit to a minimum, and really, a living wage of €11.50 an hour, instead of exploiting the unpaid labour of JobBridge interns.

The GAA, every university, hospitals, big companies like HP and hundreds of other State and private enterprises have benefited from free labour under this scheme. Make a stand for workers’ rights and a living wage.

You could be next on this free labour scheme.

Please sign the petition and share this post.




Workfare Abandoned! Mandatory Work Activity and Community Work Placements Both To Be Scrapped

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workfare-partyIn a major victory for campaigners, two of the main workfare programmes are to be abandoned the DWP has quietly announced today.  Private sector contracts to run Community Work Placements and Mandatory Work Activity will not be renewed says the department in their response to George Osborne’s spending review.

Community Work Placements involve six month’s forced full time work for the long term unemployed, whilst Mandatory Work Activity is a four week short sharp shock of workfare used to punish claimants who were judged not to have the right attitude by Jobcentre busy-bodies.

Hundreds of charities have pulled out of both schemes or boycotted them completely after furious campaigning from Boycott Workfare, Keep Volunteering Voluntary and claimants across the UK.  Recent performance figures showed that only half of those referred to forced community work actually started a placement.  Eighteen months after Community Work Placements began the DWP is

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Subject line: Data Protection Breach

copy-hdr-privacylawadvisor1We received an email yesterday informing us that the Jobbridge Policy Unit sent out an email requesting feedback from Jobbridge participants on the 25th of August. Every participant in a Jobbridge scheme will eventually be sent this email so there is nothing unusual in that. It is extremely distasteful however to request a person forced to struggle through a 40 hour week on social welfare plus €50 to defend or advertise this exploitation. Find this letter here and an image below. Continue reading

Making Sure that Work Pays in Ireland

Pedestrian View

Shops and businesses around Dublin have recently found themselves the focus of vocal anti-austerity pickets by a group of young activists collaborating under the name Work Must Pay. Since the economic collapse of 2007 young people in Ireland have been at the receiving end of a brutal régime of pay and benefits cuts, tax hikes, and an entire package of government austerity measures aimed at reducing Ireland’s national debt and paying off a crippling EU/IMF bailout, and have had to face rising levels of unemployment and a sharp increase in the cost of living.

Following the rationale of the too big to fail bailout agenda, the Fine Gael/Labour coalition have introduced the JobBridge initiative; an internship and apprenticeship programme which offers the unemployed a marginal increase in their social welfare payments in exchange for their labour. What this in effect amounts to is a corvée labour programme…

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