I Just Don’t Want This Happening to Anybody Else.

Not directly Jobbridge related although the employer has advertised on Jobbridge previously. A personal account of exploitation. Name withheld by request.

I worked at the City Florist and café in 2015 along with two other girls, I was constantly left to run the café and florist. I had to constantly clean as it was always dirty. I was told to use old food that clearly was not fresh. After a visit from Food and Hygiene, The owner went on holiday for a week. I was left to look after the café and florist alone. Continue reading


It’s just a Scam-Bridge!

I am currently on a Scambridge office job! I work 40 hours a week. I get 188 euro a week plus 50 euro extra.

I also get my same rent allowance and I get a fuel allowance of 20 euro a week same as when I was on the dole. But officially I’m now classed as being employed and no longer on the live register or the Dole. Like the other 1000’s of people on these Scambridge jobs. This is what the government is doing to people putting us on schemes and courses and then juggling the unemployment figures and saying unemployment is now down to 12%. Continue reading

So Disheartened

The Arts and Media industries often use the rhetoric that if you love the field/want the exposure you should work for free and that somehow it will pay off in the end. However, research into art and media internships by the US NACE found that 60% of paid interns received a job offer, almost double that of unpaid interns, because employers who paid their trainees valued the work more. Unpaid labour is just unpaid labour, no matter how its prettied up.

I’m an arts graduate, long-term unemployed and I am so disheartened at the minute with regards to finding work.

Last week I applied for a weekend job in their book/souvenir shop, where they advertise the Sunday rate as about €26.00 per hour. This is not ideal work but the pay is appealing. This week I was looking at the gallery’s internships page and they are looking for a Documentation Intern. Although this is ideally the field in which I would like to work I am annoyed to think that I would not be paid (not even JobBridge) for 2-3 full days work a week. This is not an isolated case within the arts industry in Ireland, and I can rhyme off several more places advertising similar in recent times. I am aware of all the arguments about the funding difficulties within the arts, both in smaller and nationally established institutions, but I really do feel stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to finding relevant, paid work experience here in Ireland.

Anyways, I’ll leave it there for now.

One Very Angry Unemployed Dude

I have a honors degree in Communications in Creative Multimedia and a MA in Digital Media and for the last 12 months have applied for over 200 jobs in these sectors to no avail. I have years of retail managerial experience and through this experience would be a strong candidate for most retail positions and coupled with my qualifications I should walk into most positions. Continue reading

A Quick Note

A story from the other side this time. It’s not just the interns who feel the pinch.

Thought you might be interested to know that the museum I work for has about fourteen people on JobBridge and CE schemes. It’s the council that makes us take on the JobBridge workers and I’m at a loss of nearly €3000 on my wages of last year. This year, I think it’s a lot more. They have also put six people on to a three day week. To be honest, there simply is not enough work for all of us who are there full time, so fourteen more people makes it impossible for us to get the hours we need.