How to Help

If you want to get involved with #WorkMustPay but aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas:

On Twitter and Facebook

@ us on Twitter or Facebook with Jobbridge ads you’ve spotted, newspaper articles etc. We are a small group with limited resources so even that can really help us. Use #WorkMustPay on twitter and facebook so we can find relevant material for us and of course like, share, RT and fave our posts.

Find the twitter/facebook accounts of businesses who are advertising on Jobbridge and voice your distaste – we do not promote the use of abusive or threatening language.

Or one step beyond, find other like minded people in your area and organise your own local #WorkMustPay group and get in touch with us!

On our Website

Same as the above like, follow etc the blog and comment.

Email us your Jobbridge story to so we can add it to our Your Stories page.

In the Real World

When placing a reservation or a booking for anything from dinner to the cinema or a hotel room, ask if the business uses Jobbridge. If they do, voice your opposition to the scheme and take your business elsewhere. This can be done in shops, pubs and petrol stations, just be sure you ask before you order your pint or fill your tank.

Have conversations with people about Jobbridge and why you oppose the scheme.

Or, as above, take that extra step beyond and find other like minded people in your area and organise your own local #WorkMustPay group and get in touch with us! We now have groups in KerryCork, Sligo and Belfast find links to their facebook pages below along with details on how to contact them.
Kerry – #WorkMustPay Kerry
Sligo – #WorkMustPay Sligo
Cork – #WorkMustPay Cork
Belfast –#WorkMustPay Belfast also on Twitter. You can email them at

To Set Up your own Meeting/Group

Once you’ve found a people interested in campaigning against Jobbridge you can follow the basic below steps for organising a meeting and protest. Huge membership isn’t required as long as those involved have time.

  1. Research Jobbridge Ads – Send them to group (1 person/rota)
  2. Pick a Business (group consensus)
  3. Correspondence – Warning email sent to business and follow up (1 person/rota)
  4. Demonstration date picked – normally 5 working days after email was sent (group consensus)
  5. Preparation of demo materials – placards/leaflets will need to be printed
  6. Press Statement released on day of Demo (1 person/rota)
  7. Hold Demonstration – preferably during business rush hour (as many attending as possible)
  8. Follow up – Correspondence, further demo’s, press etc (1 person/rota)

The rota can change from demo to demo, week to week or month to month basis. To cut down time a draft of all materials should be kept on file. Please find copies of the LeafletBasic placard and our more colourful ones,  and Warning Email here and below.


4 thoughts on “How to Help

  1. You Think I'd Give You My Name? 02/07/2015 / 11:52 AM

    You say you don’t promote the use of threatening or abusive language yet you smash in shop windows? Affecting INNOCENT PEOPLE? Wow, are you people certifiably insane?


    • #WorkMustPay 02/08/2015 / 5:36 PM

      I think there must be some crossed wires here. We have never engaged in any kind of destructive behaviour on any of our pickets. We hold placards, distribute leaflets and chant slogans. We don’t block the street or the business entrance while engaging in these actions either and we would certainly never smash windows or the like to get our point across.

      Liked by 1 person

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